working with Blogger Lauren Taylor!

This gorgeous young lady contacted me to be her hair Stylist for her 4th Book Cover Shoot here in Charleston!! This is one of here Vlogs during her stay here. She stayed at the Charleston Harbor Resort which is one of my favorite Hotels in Mount Pleasant. To View more of her Videos or to check out her book go to

I call this vlog: living my best unicorn life! 🦄OH. EM. GEE. day one of my Charleston photoshoots are in full effect and man-oh-man I'm in awe! 🙌🏽 Today I'm sharing my favorite behind the scenes of my Charleston staycation along with my photo shoot.

Lauren is an amazing Influencer and a huge Blogger. She was written Books, started her own Magazine and works with a few well know Brands. I had such an amazing time while hanging our with her and her Team while shoot her Cover for her Newest Book in my Home tome Charleston, SC. Check out her YouTube Channel Above and sneak a peek of me and a Fellow makeup Artist working our magic as 4am in the Morning over at the Charleston harbor Resort and Marina over in patriots Point.

Lauren is a Model for the Brand Arie and was just featured on Jenna Kutcher’s Pod Cast “Goal Digger Podcast” A Forbes top rated business podcast. For her Hair Styling above we went with textured Curls on the first day and on the Second Day we did a mixer of beach and wavy curls for a more fun effortless look. Her Makeup was done by Stylist Addie J a licensed Skin professional and Makeup Artist in Charleston, SC. Lauren’s 4th Book can be expected to be seen in stores near you in 2019. Check out her Vlog above from her YouTube Channel and you can see us in the background!

Hair by Lead Stylist/Owner  Jasmine Jones

Makeup By Addie J Beauty