Bridal Hair & Makeup F.A.Q

Hey There! We’re so glad that your taking your time and taking a peek at some of our most commend questions that we get on a monthly basis regarding Wedding Day Hair and Makeup services. Here you will find helpful links, tips, and knowledge regarding how we can help make your Wedding Day as easy as possible.


Why you should hire a Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Team for your wedding?

Wedding can be stressful enough and looking for someone to do your Hair and Makeup can be just as stressful too. Many times when we are working a wedding Bridesmaids mention how our team has made every single step of our Client Experience process a breeze, And that's why we are here. Our past Brides hired us because

  • They need to look picture perfect

  • Want Natural long lasting look

  • We service Destination Brides

  • We Travel to you!

  • 100% Online friendly process

How to prep for your Hair and Makeup Trial run or Glam Session?

We get this question ALOT! so we’ve decide to add a few tips at the bottom of every Brides Wedding Hair and Makeup Timeline that we create. Some of the best tips that we give mention blow drying your hair upside down and leaving your hair in a top knot for maximum volume for styling. Here are our top getting ready tips that you can do starting the week before your session.

Stay Hydrated

-Yes! we know you’ve heard this tip many times but this is what drinking enough water can do for you so you get the best wear out of your wedding day makeup.

  • When you skin is well hydrated you will not have to worry about patchy, flaky skin. Image a night out and you never had a sip of water, your skin the next day will be dehydrated and maybe slightly red or puffy. who wants that on their wedding day.

    Skin Care Routine

    -If you do not have a basic skin care system in place yet no worries at all girl! Keep it super simple and start with a daily face wash that's best suited for your skin type and personal needs. Moisturizers are also a huge must and you cant forget about the sunscreen. Everyone needs sunscreen know matter what shade of skin you have it protects us from harmful rays.

  • To check out some of our best skin care tips head over to our blog



What’s the investment for Hiring a Wedding Hair & Makeup Team for your Wedding

When hiring a bridal hair and makeup team the prices can range a bit based on a few things. Professionalism, Accommodations, Product usage, Quality, Online Convenience and a few others to name the least. We believe in putting our clients first and making sure that what is most important to them is important for us. When booking with our company you will know that you are hiring a seasoned Artist that has worked Weddings and Event before and they are use to working in condensed timeframes. Brides that have hired us are already spending money on the venue, flowers, and catering and this leaves a small budget for hair and makeup. You will be in almost half of your wedding photos and they last time you want is to hate your hair and makeup because you wanted to find the cheapest deal. We take pride in our work and we provide great value and 24-48 hour customer service to all clients that book with us.

Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup?

The golden question we get time and time again. What’s the difference? in all honesty the only different is the technique. Many times when clients here the word “airbrush” they think of a filter or as some would say “Instagram makeup” The best example I love to give clients is the imagine that you have freckles… If we were to use airbrush on top of your freckles it would basically even out your skin tone leaving all of your freckles out to see. Now of course we can get the same light cover with traditions makeup as well. But Airbrush makeup is designed to give a flawless look to the skin as if they were no makeup applied at all. Each Bride/Client is different and we can work with someone who is looking for full coverage or barely there foundation.

How we create the perfect wedding hair and makeup timeline


What time should we begin hair and makeup? On your Wedding day the time can vary based off of if you are hiring an individually artist to come out and service your bridal party or if you hire a team. Normally we stick with 30-45 minutes for to bridal party based off of their Questionnaire that we can send them which also ask important questions such as “skin allergies, and product sensitives. The Bride will be placed with our Lead Artists/s have a slightly extended timeframe because we take pride in paying attention to detail and not rushing our services especially when it comes to the Bride.

Felica 3-01.jpeg

How far in advance should I book Hair and Makeup for my wedding?

Personally I like to say once you book your venue and secure a photographer and Wedding Planner is the perfect time. We like to work closely with our Client Photographers and Planners so everyone knows that we are all on the same page as far as the Wedding Day Timeline goes. We are now receiving request from Brides getting married in 2020 and are currently a quarter of the way booked to our Wedding Goal for the year! Alter-Image only takes on a certain number of Wedding per year so they can focus more on the Client relationship instead of thinking each bride is just like the last. The sooner the better when I comes to booking hair and makeup regardless on if its just your or big bridal party.


What areas do we service?

Our Bridal Hair and Makeup Glam Squad’s home office is located in Charleston South Carolina. Even though our Owner is living in Charleston she has many stylist throughout the Carolinas that will come out to service you and your bridal party on your big day. Some of our most popular locations in South Carolina are Charleston, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Columbia, Rock Hill, Holly Hill, Awenda, Seabrook Island and Kiawah. Some of our most frequently traveled location in North Carolina are Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Durham, Chapel Hill, Asheville and Greensboro North Carolina. We are travel obsessed and charge a small travel fee for some locations.

If I want to book with you what do I need to do?

If you would like to book Alter-Image as your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Team make sure that you head over to our Contact Page. There you will be able to fill out all of the important details that we need for your big day. Once you hit submit you will get instant access to our Bridal Brochure that will be able to view in your email from us. Once we receive your inquiry a member from our staff will check in with you to let you know if your date is available and if we are not we give you a few options on what other teams in the area might fit your needs. To officially lock in your Wedding date with us we send you a link online to our Bridal Agreement that is 100% paperless. No need to print anything out you can just submit it anytime online the same for your Holding retainer that we collect after your contract is submitted.

If your question or answer is not listed above please do not hesitate to send us an email at