Jasmine Jones

CEO, Bridal Hair & Makeup, Educator, Business Guidance for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Photographer Oriana Fowler - Oriana Photography

Photographer Oriana Fowler - Oriana Photography

What i Knew about myself back then

Since Kindergarten I’ve always dreamed of becoming a business Owner…sounds funny right? I’ve always had an entrepreneurs spirit since i was you and but who would of thought that id get my first business license fro my Bridal Hair & Makeup Business at age 19. I Remember back to when i was in elementary and Middle school and the many different Hustles i had. From Selling candy one the playground in 5th grade to creating Valentines and Mother Day Baskets making inventory sheets of supplies i need and my many sign up sheets that id give out to family members to get the word out. I created, i baked cookies, washed cars, sold my clothes you name it and i probably did it.


During High school i always knew that id be going to school for cosmetology and always thought that “ I should have a back up plan”. Me thinking of a back up plan ment that i should do life “the Traditional way” and that was (go to school, make good grades,go to college, and get a good paying job” Being such a creative that life style was not going to work for me. In school my average grade was around a C or maybe even B i’ve seen many F’s and F+’s if that is even a thing🤣😂 Subject that i masted in school were Art, churous, Drama, ROTC, Business Personal Finance, Annotlomey and Physiology and you of course cant forget about Lunch jk.


Anyway fast forward to when i finally start Cosmetology 3 months after i graduated from high school an i couldn’t have loved it more. While attending Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell i joined any team i could just because i loved the community culture so many and wanted to help or volunteer any way i could. I joined Design Team, Student Council, Green Team, Be Nice or Else Team, and Core Mentor. I graduated from Cosmetology school in less than a years time span and quickly found out that the Event World is were i needed to be. Thanks to my school i was able to Assisted back stage in my City with Hair & Makeup during the Charleston Fashion week. I loved the chaos, time crunches, and high pressure and urgency everything was yes I’m a crazy person i know! The last day of Charleston Fashion Week was dedicated to the Bridal Side of Fashion and that’s when i hit me. Watching stylist come in before 6 am am to style maybe over 80+ models and to see all of the gorgeous dresses beading and lace i was in love and my Business that i said id have since kindergarten was about to come to life.


Why would anyone want to start their own business?

My make the decide that i was going to be in control of when i made money,how much money i make, how much i get paid, who i work with, and over all freedom to do what i wanted when i wanted to. How many times have you wanted to go on a vacation or take time off and relax by yourself or with your family and you have to ask “your boss is you get have time off and get denied” I am in control of what i can do and when i can do it". If your feeling drained from everything and you need personal self love and care and you ask for a day off and get denied. I wanted to create the life that i wanted but it wasn’t always easy for me. After getting a business License i continued to work many part time jobs even 5 at once where id wake up a am to get ready for the first one and clocking out of my last job around 11 at night to wake up and do it all over again just to pay my bills on time.Have a paycheck and knowing that if i worked a double or picked up that extra shift that i would end meet was such a comfortable feeling for me as i know it is for many others.

Having “The Talk”

In the Month of July of 2018 after chatting with my amazing boyfriend i decide to go with my gut and leave my Many Freelance position sand part time jobs and go full time into my business. For the longest i knew that i should but never had the full confidence in myself that id make my ends meet. When decide to official leave my positions you better believe that i had a plan that i thought about doing for the last 5 years but never had the balls to do it. When you work for some-else your position that you currently have can be replaced by ANYONE. You are putting your long hours, blood ,sweet and sometimes tears into a job title that can be taken away at any point in time and i wanted to make sure that I was my very own backup plan, Plan A,B,C and beyond Z Plan. Within the last 7 Months i’ve hire my first full time employee who workings in my Business as my Company Social Media and Communications Manager who is the jack of all trades. From helping out with social media, client communication and basically learning my entire System of why and how i operate so she can become one of our Lead Managers in the Business. Aside from the few amazing and talented freelance Stylist that work within my Bridal Wedding Hair & Makeup Company that services the Carolina’s I’ve created a since of freedom. I created such awareness for my company, business relations, referrals, and surprisingly a lot of free time that i use to put into my business and grow to the highest level of greatest that i imagined it would be. myself knowing that i’ve created a second version of myself inside of my business that created tons of time that i could use to create more awareness for my business, Collaborate in things that i never ad the time for, travel, free up half of my day and become super clear on my Monthly Week and Daily Goals that i needed to make in my Business to make it Successful.


It takes Time & Money to Create a Successful Business

I have invested in classes, courses, attending seminars and lived and breathed of How to use Instagram to help grow my business,How to set up a Facebook Ads or create a sales funnel the right way, How to book and gain more clients online, How to sell and identify my ideal client and how to sell to them, How to Run and Manage a Bridal Hair & Makeup Business, Using Pinterest, Create a Blog, Build my Website, and so many other things in between. I’ve Tested out things in my business to see what worked and what didn’t work, which kinds of post get the most engagement and creating the right kinds of offers that gets eyes raised and clients booked. This world is contently changing and so is social media. Many of you many not have to time to do the research your self or the money to put toward countless amount of classes and that is why im here talking chatting with you now.

I want to help!

Yes i am here to help you no matter what type of job, career, idea,or business is. Aside from my kinder garden self wanting to become a business owner i’ve always had the dream of becoming a Teacher and i never knew what the heck id even want to teach about. In January 2018 when i signed up for an Cosmetology Instructors Course who would have know that i would be taken those teaching skills towards what you are reading now. Over the Last 5 Months ive thought about Teaching to same skills that i used in my business to help other entrepreneurs grow their own business. I have the mind of Community over Competition and i honestly everyone to win and to create their own freedom and lifestyle of how they want to live. As a Business Owner im dedicated to my Business, Myself to my Team and to My Dream and will share Tips, Tricks, Hacks and what not’s that have worked for me, stop working for me and what new changes that im trying and working in my business so you can put them to use in real time!

Im Spilling the Tea👀


It’s almost time for my E Mail News Letter to Launch!! Read Motivational Content, Links to helpful Videos, Beneficial Social Media Tips you can implement instantly, and many more can come straight to your Email on the reg!🤯 Grab you seat now to be notification when a Video is posted or any helpful tips are shared in the form of small classes on helpful topics that are related inside and outside of your business.

Learn How I have batched my work days to create and complete test within my business Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily from the many Systems that i’ve created. Find out how ive Automated almost half of my Business and how your can sleep and let your Business Run until you are ready to clock in for yourself and some helpful habits that’s changed me for the better as a business owner.

Grab your spot now!


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