Meet Jasmine Jones

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Education, Beauty and Business

Educating myself in all aspects of running and operating a business has taught me a lot within the last seven years. Becoming a full time business owner has brought me so much joy, freedom.

I often stumble upon business owner within different backgrounds who are stressing out and feeling overwhelmed with their workload. I was once in the same position and learned that it can be many factors that can contribute to becoming a full time business owner, and creating and growing your profit that will not only help you but your family as well.

How much are you investing in yourself?

Investing in an in person class, online course, mastermind or seminar can help you out so much with your work/life balance and if you ask me a major necessity. I’ve paid for courses on using Facebook and Instagram for your business, how to run proper ads, finding your ideal client and so much more. Now this has taken years for me to learn and i am wanting to help you out a bit.

I have such a passion for teaching and helping people when they feel stuck. A major factor 9 times out of 10 is starting with yourself! Self care and personal awareness comes hand and hand when it come to being successful. I am a recovering workaholic that once had a jam packed scheduled of things that kept me busy instead of focusing on the important details my business and myself.

Sharing my personal Experiences of how i’ve created freedom for myself

I’ve spent literally thousands on classes, course and coaching programs and its bee worth every penny. It’s my mission to help creatives within the service based industry stopping feeling overwhelmed and to create systems in place that will help make your life easier.

Are you wanting to raise your prices, create free time, and finally leave your part-time or 9-5 job then i highly suggest following Jasmine along as she talks about what her life was like before she made the shift to full time.

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Beauty and the Network was created in May of 2019 to play as a community for creatives within the Carolina’s. You can be a service base business owner or wedding industry pro, Bloggers, Photographers and many other female creatives that are looking for a place to learn, network and grow their business. Beauty and the Network is a traveling pop up event that will be held at local brunch spot, coffee shops and will update you within our Newsletter about events near you. Gain Business tip from social media, automation and raising your standard as a professional with Jasmine and some of her guest speakers.

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