Do you get Frustrated when it comes to using social Media for your service or product based business?

I was once this way when it came to posting on Facebook and Instagram fro my hair and makeup business. Id post and feel as if i’m talking to a brick wall. Id get ZERO engagement maybe 5-10 likes no comments an crickets in our inbox. That was all before i actually started to use the plat form correctly!

Social Media last year help me bring in over $5,000+ dollars in client services

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That’s Right! with minimal effort and less than 5,000 followers i was able to bring in over $5000 plus dollars into my business once i stared using the platforms correctly. As technology changes the same goes for marketing and advertising your business on social. As a business owner i’m invested into learning about new changes and staying up to date and i want to share my secrets with you in a crash course!

But what if i don’t have the extra time for social media!

I completely understand. I’ve hired out someone a few days out of the week to boos my engagement and work our other platforms but i couldn’t have hired them and gave them the job tittle without tell them actually what i need for them to do. Most professionals are hiring out 3rd parties to work their social media without any guidance and hoping that they just know what there doing. If they have not yet invested in the classes on it you would be wasting your money. I’m a firm believer of learning how to do something RIGHT the first time and hiring someone and training them to do those exact steps!

Transform the way you use Instagram and Facebook for your business

  • Learn how I

  • -Gain more quality leads

  • -increased my brands awareness

  • -Learned to work with the Algorithm

  • -Wrote better captions without sounding like a sales man

    Once i got the basics of social media Planning content became a breeze, I showed up online more consistently and even came up with my own hashtag strategy that brings clients to our inbox

Watch my FREE training video where i go over a few of the basics with you

Are you ready to be guided through a crash course on how you can start using Instagram and Facebook differently to bring in more profit for your business

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Lean How to

-create you ideal client avatar

-use hashtags correctly

-How to craft your post

-Basics to plan your content

Instagram and Facebook Profile Basics

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Full Price $185 after July 24th