Corporate Event Head Shots

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Are your employees using selfies or sub-par photos for their professional profiles?

Want a head turner at your next employee conference, conventions or trade show?

Introducing our Headshot Bar + Booth to have your company stand out, give your guests an experience they will appreciate and a professional photo that they will proudly use! In partnership with Alter Image, we’ll set up a glam bar for light make up and hair touch-ups* to make sure your guests are looking 💯 for their photo! We’ll provide you with a backdrop, an attendant to assist guests with poses, digital copies of every image, and we can even provide a proof sheet onsite. You provide the crew of professionals to glam up - whether that be your employees or potential clients!


Why Headshot Bar + Booth?

✔️High quality photos to represent your company and employee image

✔️Glam bar* to make sure your team is on point

✔️ Fun experience with a live view for easy posing

✔️Next day turn around for digital photos

*Light touch up with blush or powder, lip gloss/stick, mascara, hair touch up with light flat iron or curl touch up


Bar + Booth Corporate

Up to six (6) hours of photo booth & glam bar setup

We service approximately 120 employees in this time frame

Six (6) poses per person

Branded Email Onsite

Next day digital delivery



Bar + Booth Mini

Two (2) hours of photo booth & glam bar setup

Up to 35 employees*

Six (6) poses per person

Branded Email Onsite

Next day digital delivery


*see upgrades below

*All bookings are taken through Lowcountry Photo Booth


Proof Sheet - Make sure your employee walks away with a print! ($150)

Additional Employees - Have more than 35 employees? Add more for just $45/person