Jasmine Jones

CEO, Business Owner Education and lover of mimosas! Im all about Girl Boss empowerment and helping other Wedding Pros find work life Balance in their life. Im huge on helping other and taking the time to speak and teach other Cosmetology Student and Professional How they can use simple techniques tips and trick that will help them double their business and become full time in their craft!


I’ve put time and money into growing my business and working n my personal development that has help me double my business add on more staff to my company and expand like crazy within the let year of my 7 year old business. I often hear many Wedding Industry Friends who are Planners, Photographer and even some Venue Owners that are nose deep in craziness from the lack of Systems, Knowledge, and countless Project and are at the edge of burning out. I have taken the time to attend countless classes, paid for plane tickets across the us to attend education conventions, classes and seminars that i’ve put to use in my business that had helped me leave me part-time jobs and work in my business FUL TIME. I have a huge passion to teach weather it be at a Cosmetology School speaking to Student or Host Classes and Workshop to Pro, Stylist and the Public on topics that are so important in the Industry and for your overall health.

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In my free time when I am not traveling you can find me at a local coffe shop with my massive Bridal Binder that contains my whole life inside. I absolutely love every single member on my Bridal Team as I am extremely selective of the Artist I choose that will service our Clients while I am on the Road Traveling and Teaching however I often get many request from Brides that are wanting to book me personally for there Wedding Day. Growing up as a Tom boy I rarely get dressed up and fancy but when I do I am what some like to call “extra” and that is exactly how I treat my client. I like to give a (Kim K) experience to my client as they deserve nothing less then the Best.

I believe that the moment that you stop learning is the moment that you stop growing i’m always producing educational material through video, in person or online classes and even helpful tips over on the Blog. Click HERE to head over to my arsenal of Business Education.

I’m always interested in connecting with like minded people and Business Owners if you have any questions for me that is no related to Wedding or Event Services please direct them to my email.