The Ultimate Beauty Guide to prep your skin and hair for your wedding day

Okay Beauty i know why your here! Your Wedding Day is coming up or you may just be looking to polish up your beauty routine.You want glowing skin like Beyonce and perfect hair like Blake Lively…right?

Brides guide to perfect skin for your wedding

Well you’re in the right place so lets get going girl!

How to start a professional Beauty Routine

There are a few reasons why you need to care about what you do and use for your skin and hair. First things first you cant expect luxury result on a shoe string budget. Here me out before you click off this blog and imagine something with me. What kind of skin care products do you think J-Lo uses?

How much do you think she spends on a moisturizer? And do you think she falls asleep in here make on the regular? Most likely not. Shes uses the best of the best but of course im not expecting you to go out and spend thousands on a face cream but view it from a different perspective.

Invest in in your hair and skin because its the only one we have. Take great care of it and see the benefits of it years from now.

Number one is always stay hydrated. Hydration leads to healthy glowing skin.

How to get healthy hair for your wedding day

Number two exfoliate! Now i must confess that i fell victim to the hype of the famous YouTube beauty gurus favorite product called St. Ives apricot scrub! This product in my honest oppion is WAY to harsh for you skin and can do more damage then good. I personal love making my own scrubs or buying one that’s over the counter in the cosmetics depart in the mall or using my face natural brands for skin skin but this is a must.

When you exfoliate you are removing the top layer of dead skin. This should be done at least once a week and can help promote glowing and flawless skin. When you pair this step with a daily beauty routine that includes

-Face wash

-Face mask


This is simple but with great discipline you skin will thank you later!

wedding hair and makeup for 2020 brides

I’ve already mentioned this before but this is number 3-5 Take your makeup off at night and i don’t mean with a wipe. You need to remover the makeup then wash your face and apply a great moisturizer EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed. I’m only 25 soon to be 26 an i’m already using wrinkle cream lol start early girl…Thank me later.

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Okay so let chat about hair care. Do you see a hair stylist often? If you do then your hair is most likely getting washed with products that have uv protection, nutrients and a ton of amino acids that will help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

One thing people don’t realize is that products that you buy from target and maybe even sally’s have a lot of silicon based ingredients in it which can be a good and bad thing. You are coating your hair with products that will coat your hair to make it look healthy and shiny after a wash but really its just a mask over top of your hair that just sits on top and doesn’t deliver any goodness to the hair stand its self.

2020 bridal hair and makeup in the carolinas

These are 911 hair purchase aka a one and done. You don’t want you use these products constantly because over time it will strip you hair and cause a lot of product build up which may take a while to transition back to health.

If you need help with with finding great products for your hair ask your stylist or go to a salon to make sure your not buying black market or fake products from a TJ MAXX or Wal-Mart.

Hair Mask! okay so you need to give your ends a bit of tlc everyone in a while and hair masks are where its at! If you are someone who likes to use a flat iron or curling on your hair frequently you need to do a mask often. focus on your ends and put you hair in a top knot and do your errands than wash it out. This will cause less breakage and you hair will be shiny and soft.

Side not i do not recommend a mask or deep condition treatment the day or night before your wedding if your hair typically doesn’t hold a curl!

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These are just a few of the five million tips i can you you about Skin Care and Healthy Hair for your bid day or polishing up your beauty routine.

If your a fan of skin care beauty and maybe wanting a few ideas for Hair and Makeup for the Holiday we invite you to sign up for our newsletter because we have a ton of holiday hair and makeup videos coming your way soon and of course some killer beauty tips that will keep you looking flawless!

Photos in today's blog are from Charleston Wedding Photographer Alex Thornton from our past bridal Client