Top 5 Tips on How to Prep Your Hair and Skin for your Wedding.

How to Prep your Hair and Skin for your Wedding.

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5 Tips to help you get ready on the morning of your Wedding for glowing skin and perfect hair.

That day is slow approaching an we know you’ve wondering “What should I do to my hair” or “How should i prep my skin care the night before my wedding” Well we get asked this question A LOT and we want to share with you our 5 top tips to prepare your self for hair and makeup before your wedding.

Best Kept Secrets for Perfect Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Why hydration is most important the night before your wedding Day

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Dehydrated skin on your wedding day can be avoided by making your that you balance out any alcohol that you skin with enough water through out the day.

Hydrated skin creates the best canva for your wedding day so that your wedding make makeup stays in place and is radiant through out the day.

Take your Makeup off at night

Did you know that one night without removing your makeup off before you go to seep can cause unwanted breakouts. When taking your makeup off you can use a makeup remover wipe and we still recommend washing your face and having a already night and day time beauty routine in place which takes us to tip number 3

Skin Care Routine Before The Wedding Day

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Your Routine can have as little or as many steps as you would like. But we suggest the basics of a cleanser, expoliiator, toner and face moisturizer. Your Cleaner should be used in the morning and night time and your expolator should be used every 2-3 days. When finding your products your your personal preference as you know your skin better than we do.

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Should i leave my hair dirty for my wedding day?

“is dirty hair better for styling?” I know you’ve heard it before that second day hair holds a curl better. Now as this may be true our stylist prefer that you hair 100% dry and clean hair on the day of wedding services. We carry an array of texture sprays, powders and many others ways that we use to create grip and grit to your hair. We let our products do the work for use.

How to get the most volume out of your Hair

Now it does not matter to us if you wash your hair on the night before or morning of your wedding just as long as its dry and clean. One way that we love to suggest to create more lift in your hair is to blow dry your hair upside down.

Remember when using any heat on your hair that you are using a heat protectant. You can apply a small amount of product to the mind shaft and end of you hair and blow dry until its fully dry. You want to keep as much product away from your roots as possible. Once your hair is dry perfect you can put your hair in a top knot and leave it until our artist or who ever you hires for your hair styling arrive!

Our team members know how important it is that you and your bridal party looks picture perfect. Your friends and family will be taking multiple photos of you and we are here to help in all ways possible. Our Carolina Bridal Hair and Makeup Team service all locations in both North and South Carolina. Some of our popular locations are Charleston, Hilton Head, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Wilmington North Carolina.

Whats one step or product in you day or night time routine that you absolutely cant live without. Tell future brides in the comment below!

Want more Tips?

Is Hiring a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist Important?

Do you Want you Makeup to be Flawless

My Team of Stylist an I all have went to Cosmetology School and we are ALL licensed with the State to offer On Location Beauty Services. We have studied Skin Care and we can give you PROPER advice on what to do if you have a breakout. We know the best products that will last all day and what Foundation work well with your skin type.

To expensive?

We all know that when planning a Wedding Things start to add up pretty quickly. Many Times with the Brides that we speak with Hair and Makeup are booked less than 3 Months before a wedding. Hair and Makeup Stylist in my area can range between $35-over $250 just for Makeup Services. One of my most photographed days of my life for pictures that I can one day show my Grand kids I would search for a Quality Stylist who has been working in the Bridal Field and use to working at a Fast pace to have Services done on Time.


Get What You Paid For

As I Mentioned before about I advise Brides to search for Stylist to Work in the Bridal Field. Many Times we get calls from Brides Who are looking for a Trial with one of Our Stylist because they went with a cheaper stylist and it was horrible or how the Stylist never showed at all. Our Company only takes 52 Weddings per Year and we have to turn away many Brides. We Believe that the Most Brides that we can personally work with means more to us then over Booking our Self with Weddings. We want to enjoy the Process with you.

Picture Perfect Bridesmaids (:

As Pros we have the eye to take into consideration each member of your bridal parties style, eye color,or skin tone. Your girls can have a uniformed look but still have their personality show. This way you wont end up wit a Bridesmaid having bright pink glitter eye shadow and a bright red lip when everyone else is more on the natural side with makeup.

Less Stress

Know that your Lead Stylist has everything under control and will get you and your Bridal Party ready on time. This is your day to just sit back and relax wile getting pampered. Your job is to enjoy your loved ones around you and marring your best friend not running around being stress.


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Photo Cread Lbzzphotography