Photos from my Enchated Wedding Shoot!

Here are just some of the Amazing photos that i got back from Vested Image who was the photographer for my shoot he got these pictures to me super speedy! To check out all Vendors involved in the shoot check out the Wedding in the Forest? post

New Miracle Products!


I just had to tell about my new obsession! My goodies came in yesterday from a brand that I have been looking into for almost a year and a half now. Limelight by Alcone is a brand that has been around for a long time Professional Working Makeup Artist would use there products on there Clients and there look would last all day long! I am all about providing the best for my girls so I had to try it out first to see if it really is lived up to what other were telling me. I had a full face of Makeup only using Limelight products, Foundation, Finishing Powder, Lipstick, Mascara, Skin Prep the whole 9 and my make lasted the whole night! I was so impressed I tried out there skin care line as well. My skin is ultra super sensitive and It worked amazingly for me. There products are Paraben free, Cruelty free, and has Natural Ingredients. For our Makeup Clients we offer a complimentary touch up kit and we will start offering a retail touch up kits as well with a full size lip gloss that last up to 16hours a Press Finishing Powder to touch yourself up if you feel your getting too shiny. I can tell this is going to be my new go to skin care products and regime for myself and for my Luxury Brides who only want the best!


4 Essential Things For A Bridal Touch-Up Kit!

Bobbi Pins!!!

  • Bobbi Pins!!!Bobbi Pins are a must have in your touch-up kit. We at Alter-Image like to insure that your hair will not move a single muscle once every thing is all hair sprayed away. But just incase you get a little too crazy on the dance floor and a curl comes out of place we love to give a complimentary cluster of Bobbi Pins for any mishaps that may occur.


  • Lip Stick!

A touch up Lip stick or Gloss is extremely needed. your gonna be kissing you new hubby, eating, and drinking you will have to keep your lips fresh. After all of our makeup services we like to offer a small touch up kit with the clients custom shade inside so you can do touch ups through out the night. We now we will be offering a full size retail Lip Stick or Lip Gloss if it is a color you want to add to your personal makeup stash.

  • Press Powder

Depending on what Season you are coming to Charleston, SC for your Wedding depends on if you would need Powder. Our Summers here can get ridiculously hot during Wedding Season. When choosing a powder make sure it is HD friendly other wise you will end up with a white washed out film over your makeup which will not be cute in any of your photos. By request we can provide the Powder for you so can take the worry off of finding the perfect powder.

  • Blotting Papers

Blotting Sheets are good all year round in my opinion. All you have to do Is take a thin sheet lay it over the area that is shiny and boom the oil is toned down. If you wanted to take an extra step you can add a light layer of press powder on top for extra control!

Take these tips an make your self the Best Bridal Touch-Up Kit Ever! 



Bridal Survival Kit!.png

What's in Your Bridal Bag??


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Why Hiring a Professional is Important.

Flawless Skin

As a licensed Professional we are able to feel your skin and know the best products for your skin. We can give you the best product recommendations that will have your skin looking  and feeling amazing on your wedding day. Which is why I tell my Brides how important a trial run is. You would have been able to test out your wedding makeup to see how your like it  and see how long of a wear you can get with out powdering your nose..

Is Cheaper Better?

You can spend big bucks on the Best Photographer's, The Perfect Dress, Gorgeous Venue with the best View. Don't Let your Hair and Makeup suffer by going a cheaper route. Your hair and makeup will be in almost half of your photos. You don't want to and end up hating your photos because your makeup was not matched right was too dark or too cakey.

Get What You Paid For

My Amazing home town Charleston as been voted The number 1 Destination Wedding spot year after year so their is a lot of competition.When seeking out cheaper artist who offer Onsite Bridal Hair and Makeup may lack experience or may just be starting out. If you want a stylist who knows how to create a proper time line so the morning of your Wedding runs smooth, and delivers fast and quality work that looks great for HD Photos.

Picture Perfect Bridesmaids (:

As Pros we have the eye to take into consideration each member of your bridal parties style, eye color,or skin tone. Your girls can have a uniformed look but still have their personality show. This way you wont end up wit a Bridesmaid having bright pink glitter eye shadow and a bright red lip when everyone else is more on the natural side with makeup.

Less Stress

Know that your Lead Stylist has everything under control and will get you and your Bridal Party ready on time. This is your day to just sit back and relax wile getting pampered. Your job is to enjoy your loved ones around you and marring your best friend not running around being stress.


Photo Cread Lbzzphotography

Photo Cread Lbzzphotography