Major Hair Growth Tips for Your Wedding Day

Hey there! We hope that y’all are enjoying this chilly yet beautiful Charleston day, thistemperature definitely has us wanting to be cozy inside with a bowl of soup!

We all want our hair to grow and be long and healthy, and we probably all have our own routines set. Having a consistent hair care routine is super important when it comes to hair growth, but it’s also important to make sure that your routine includes things that are actually going to promote/aid growth in the first place! Keep reading to make sure that your routine is actually helping, or to find out if you need to make a couple of tweaks!

Turn Down the Heat

While we understand that there are times when heat styling is necessary, (also, who doesn’t love adding a few curls or going for a sleek look?!) but it is important to think about what you have your heat set to. It’s okay to use heat on your hair occasionally, but make sure that if/when you are using heat, that you have it set on the lowest setting possible.

This helps to ensure that you won’t experience too much damage, but when you do this along with applying a heat protectant to your hair prior, talk about results! Your hair will thank you, and you’ll also have a little bit of extra luster from the heat protectant!

Oils, Oils, Oils!

OILY HAIR TYPE DISCLAIMER: While adding more oil may not be the best idea, for this tip, try washing your hair with cooler/colder water and massaging your scalp to promote hair growth. Washing with hot water can produce more oil, so cooling it down will help as will massaging your the oils naturally produced into your scalp!

Incorporating more oils into your hair care routine will change your hair game! Not only does in add moisture into your hair, but it also seals that moisture in helping to ensure that you won’t have any issues with dry ends. You can incorporate oils into your routine by using it as a serum, a mask before you shampoo, or even as a refresher for your ends between styles. Natural oils like coconut, olive, avocado, jojoba oil etc. work best, but even using a cleansing oil shampoo and/or conditioner works wonders!

Low Manipulation

Brushing and combing your hair is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that you have to experience crazy breakage or pain every time you do so! We all know that it’s important to detangle your hair, but you want to make sure that when you do, you’re as gentle as possible. Sometimes wide tooth combs and paddle brushes won’t cut it, so using tools like a Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer will help to ensure that you get all of those knots out, and as pain free as possible!

CURLY GIRL TIP: The above mentioned products are perfect for you! Be sure to always detangle hair only when it is damp or wet, and after you’ve applied a conditioning product or oil that will aid in the detangling process. Remember to start from the ends up, and to take your time!


Let’s face it, we all saw this one coming. We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably scream it from the rooftops for as long as we live!

Hydration is the key to glowy and healthy skin, hair and nails! If you’re not a big water drinker, and adding fruits/mint just isn’t enough to make it more interesting, try Mio! It’s flavoring that you can add to your water, and listen…it definitely makes it more doable. (It’s also diet friendly)

If flavored water isn’t your jam, try using a timed water bottle (you can find them on Amazon) or make a game out of it to keep yourself on your toes! Either way, keep that water bottle handy and make sure that you’re getting your H2O!

Do you need to make any tweaks to your routine, or are you doing a pretty stellar job? Either way, we’re so glad that we were able to shed some light on how we can all have glorious locks!

Lipstick Colors for the Fall Season

Hey there y’all, welcome back to the blog and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We hope that you’re surrounded by love and enjoying the holiday with your family and/or loved ones. We’re so grateful that we’re able to work with and for so many amazing people, and it’s such a blessing to be able to serve people the way that we do!

blog  Filler Content.jpeg

This week we aren’t focusing on brands, so much as we are helping you to find that perfect fall shade! There are many different routes you can go, and with so many different versions of what can start to seem like the same color, it can be overwhelming to figure out which shade of lipstick is right for you.

Generally speaking, the most popular fall colors are going to be those that are within the berry, red, and nude families. These colors all provide you with a large variety of options to choose from, and it’s a good place to start as far as picking out a shade goes. Within each of these color families, you can find or combine shades to give you the perfect fall lip!

The great thing about lipsticks is that even if you aren’t able to find that hue that’s just right, it’s easy to alter and mix shades together to complement your individual skin tone based off of your undertones. We practice this quite a bit as makeup artists, and love the fact that we are able to create a shade that may have seemed “unwearable” at some point. Everyone should be able to rock the lipstick of their choice, so why not go the extra mile and combine shades so that we’re able to do so?!

Do you have a shade in mind that’s going to be your go to? We love bold Crimson reds and deep plum/berry shades! Try this trick the next time you pick up a shade that doesn’t seem doable for you, and let us know if you’ve found a new lip shade out of it!

BEST Long Lasting Foundations for Wedding Makeup

Good morning/afternoon y’all, can you believe it’s already MID November?!

It’s so interesting to see how quickly time flies, but we hope that you’re achieving the goals you set out for yourself this month as well as this year.

Let’s talk long wear makeup! Imagine it being your wedding day and after hours of everyone getting ready and beautified, no one’s makeup lasts even up to the ceremony! The last thing that you want to be stressing over on your wedding day is your makeup not holding up as it should, and with Charleston weather, it’s really important to be prepared for all of the elements. This week we’re bringing you some info about some of the best long lasting foundations to keep you feeling your best through getting ready, pictures, the ceremony, and past the reception. Keep reading to get the details!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! If you’re looking for makeup that’s going to not only long wearing, but that is perfect for outside weddings, this is the foundation for you!! This foundation offers excellent coverage, and does not budge one bit. It also is a very inclusive product, boasting a total of 50 shades for beauties of all tones. Though it’s marketed to those with oily skin, this foundation works wonders for all skin types as well. It’s definitely worth noting that this foundation is transfer proof and is very similar to airbrush makeup!

2. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

This foundation is incredible! This product also has a very inclusive shade range, and in fact was recently revamped in collaboration/partnership with YouTuber Jackie Aina. As stated in the graphic above, this makeup will last you about 12 hours, leaving plenty of time for you to dance the day/night away and enjoy our beautiful Charleston weather! You won’t experience any flashback with this foundation either, making it perfect for when you have photos done. This is a great product for our oily gals!

3. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

This is another product that is absolutely wonderful if you’re looking for makeup that lasts all day! While this foundation in particular doesn’t have quite the extensive shade range as the previously mentioned products, it does have something for almost everyone and is relatively easy to shade match through other means. Similar to the others, this foundation is also medium to full coverage, and lasts up to 16 hours! If you’re looking for a foundation that itself neutralizes discoloration in the skin, this is the one for you, though we do recommend that you follow up with a concealer if necessary.

Did any of these products stand out to you? Have you heard of or tried any of these out yourself? With just enough time until Black Friday, be sure to snag one or some of these foundations to try them out!

Top 3 Products to Repair Damaged Hair

Happy Thursday y’all, we hope that you had a fun and safe Halloween!

Whether you’re color treated, chemically treated or have overly processed hair, we all know what it’s like to deal with damaged locks. But no one wants to have damaged hair on their big day!! With it being the time of year where the air gets drier, it’s important to take necessary steps to keep your hair hydrated and healthy! Not sure of what products to start with? No worries, we’re providing you with three of our favorite product picks for repairing damaged hair. You can find the products listed below at any Sephora, Ulta, Target, or drug store. If you’re ready to have your hair looking it’s best for your wedding day, keep reading!!

 Google Images

Google Images

1. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

The proof is in the label, this product is a miracle!! It’s A 10 has amazing key ingredients that are key to your hair’s nourishment, like sunflower seed and green tea extracts, silk amino acids, Vitamin C and more! This product repairs damaged dry hair, adds shine, and smooths and controls frizz. It also seals as well as protects your hair color, is a detangler, prevents split ends and hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, AND is a flat iron & thermal protector.

Did we mention it’s great for all hair types?!

 Google Images

Google Images

2. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

It’s the product that we all know and love!! Most hair stylists as well as us LOVE this product, and often recommend it to clients to integrate it into their hair routines. Olaplex is also great for all hair types, but should definitely be your best friend if your hair is color/chemically treated! The No. 3 Hair Perfector is super concentrated, and works to strengthen your hair from the inside out to help prevent breakage.

Keep in mind that this product is a treatment not a daily conditioner, so try to only use this on a weekly basis depending on your hair’s needs!

 Google Images

Google Images

3. Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Last, but certainly not least, is this amazing mask by Moroccanoil. This deeply hydrating hair mask is perfect for ladies with medium to thick hair!! Not only does it add moisture back in to your hair but it repairs elasticity as well! If you follow us on Instagram, you likely saw us talk about the benefits of hair masks for Wedding Tip Wednesday. Masks like this one are the perfect weekly treatment for those days when you just want to relax and treat yourself!

Which product are you looking forward to trying before you say ‘I do’?

Why (Not) Alter Image?!

Hey y’all! How’s this Thursday treating you?

Engaged and still searching for the right Glam Squad for you? We’re here to help! If you’d like to know more about the experience we provide here at Alter Image, keep reading below. Be sure to visit our previous posts, as well as our Instagram @alterimagecharleston, to see some shots and sneak peeks of our work!

filler 10.16.JPG

What Makes Us Different

When you book with Alter Image, you will have a pleasant and stress-free experience from the time you first reach out to us! Not only is it simple to contact us to book/send us inquiries, but we will take the time to ensure all of your questions are answered promptly. We aim to please, and if there’s anything that we can do to help, just let us know! Whether it’s questions about where to start looking for vendors, or even concerns you may have regarding your wedding day look, visit our contact page and we’ll get back to you in a flash.

To piggyback off of our previous point, we make sure to keep an open line of communication. We love to coordinate times with you, your planner and your photographer(s), to guarantee that you as well as your party’s services are completed within enough time for you to do what you need to do! No need to stress over being ready on time for getting ready photos, we’ve got you covered!

Everything that we do, we do in a timely manner! We also provide our clients with a timeline of services, so that everyone (stylists, bridesmaids, photographers, etc.) is aware of what services need to be completed within what time frames. What’s better than being able to spend quality time with your loved ones and to enjoy the getting ready process without having to worry about who should be in who’s chair next?! Grab that mimosa and chat with your girls!

Filler Brows.jpeg

We Take a Limited Number of Bookings (Per Year!)

As mentioned in this portion of the blog’s title, we only take a limited amount of bookings each year! Right now we cap it off at 51 weddings per year, so if you’d like to secure your space, act fast! We love answering questions and providing help where we can, so if there’s any additional information that you need, visit our Contact Us page.

We always suggest booking in advance when possible, and we will be having a slight price increase effective after November 30th, 2018. So if you’d like to lock in your 2019 wedding date, trial date, etc. at our 2018 prices, reach out to us ASAP!! Again, we only take a limited amount of bookings per year, so jump on it if you don’t want to miss out!

As previously stated, the best way to contact us is by visiting our Contact Us page, at the top of our website. This is especially the best point of contact for appointment bookings, as well as general pricing inquiries. So what’re you waiting for? Head over to that page and let’s have a chit chat! We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that y’all have an amazing weekend. Until next time!

The Importance of Perfecting Your Craft

Hey y’all, happy Thursday!! Have you had time to reflect yet today?

This week we wanted to talk about how important it is to take time to perfect your craft. Whether you’re a hairstylist, florist, photographer, etc. you should always be doing something to further your skills. If you know us or have been following us for a while, you know that we’ve always got our hands in hair and makeup!

Blog Image 1.jpg

We love doing training sessions for our team, and the pictures for today’s blog are from the previous session led by Jasmine for our stylist Shelby! Even if it’s just taking a few minutes each day to stay on top of the latest trends, immersing yourself in the industry you’re in will keep you inspired and eager to broaden your skills. You can always learn something, so let’s make the most of our screen time!

Blog Image 2.jpg

Taking the time to perfect your craft not only allows you to expand your knowledge, but also gives you the opportunity to tweak your techniques! By having some extra tips in your bag, you’ll be able to answer more of your client’s questions, and maybe even be able to better direct them when it comes to knowing what they want. And as if it couldn’t get any better, practicing often helps with timing, so you’ll be able to do more in less time! Score!! So what are you waiting for? Get to practicing, and let us know your favorite way to perfect your craft!!

Here is the Final look that we did on our Model who is currently Engaged. We gave a a soft tousled Round Brush Blow Out. For her Makeup she has on Traditional Foundation for one of our favorite Brands that can last up to 18 Hours long. We went with a soft Day Time Look for her and gave her some amazing Lash Clusters.

Thomas House and Garden Ridgeway, South Carolina

Hey there, happy Thursday everyone!

This past Monday we had the privilege of going back to Thomas House and Garden in Ridgeway, SC to work on an amazing shoot with Heather Benge, the founder of Styled Shoots of America! This gorgeous venue, owned by Jessica Drew, also of Jessica Drew Photography, is one we were so excited to return to!

Product Set up.jpg

We’re so thrilled that we were able to travel back to Ridgeway earlier this week! It is such a cute town, and we’re so obsessed with Thomas House and Garden! Not only is this venue beautiful, but the natural light y’all…GORGEOUS! It was such a pleasure working with so many wonderful photographers and vendors, and to get to travel back to such a breathtaking place!

Jasmine-Working Photo.jpg

At this styled shoot, both Jasmine and Shelby did hair and makeup for each model! The look for this shoot was very soft and natural. Jasmine created a look for Kennedy Kapanzhi, and Shelby a look for Ashton Crow. Kennedy wore a beautiful, low messy bun, and Ashton wore a beautiful and boho inspired half-up half-down style.

It was so much fun to see so many creative people in one space! We got to work with some amazing vendors, and got a glimpse at an awesome floral workshop in action. Thomas House and Garden is seriously such an amazing place y’all, and we’re so eager for you to see how the pictures turned out! Head over to our Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already to see some gorgeous photos!

The Venue:

The Thomas House and Garden is Perfectly located in Ridgeway, SC - a  quintessential small southern town, The Thomas House & Garden is only  ten minutes from Blythewood, twenty-five minutes to downtown Columbia, thirty minutes to Irmo and Lexington, and one hour to Charlotte.

Why You Need to Hire a Glam Squad

Happy Thursday y’all! This week we’re taking a break from our new, “What’s Your Why?” Stylist Spotlight series, and diving into the benefits of hiring a Glam Squad for your wedding day or next big event! You’ve seen and heard about them on Instagram and other social hubs, so what is all the hype about?!

  Photo Credits:   Jenna Grace Photography  Planning: Emma Allen Photography and Sara Beach Photography  Charleston Yachts  Styled Well Boutique  Models: Ashton Crow and Patted Drake

Photo Credits:

Jenna Grace Photography

Planning: Emma Allen Photography and Sara Beach Photography

Charleston Yachts

Styled Well Boutique

Models: Ashton Crow and Patted Drake

No Driving/Worry About Travel

One of the best perks of hiring a Glam Squad is that you don’t have to worry about driving to your appointment, let alone leaving the house! You can find comfort in knowing that your comfort is your Glam Squad’s priority, so kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite drink while you get pampered!


We Bring the Glam to You!

To piggyback off of the previous point, another great aspect of hiring a Glam Squad is that the glam is brought to you! Rest assured with the knowledge that your Glam Squad will be travelling your way, further helping to make your day hassle free.

  Photo Credits:   Candi Leonard Photography  Charleston Society Hall  Models: Lauren Kesmodel

Photo Credits:

Candi Leonard Photography

Charleston Society Hall

Models: Lauren Kesmodel

We Provide Enough Stylists for a Timely Finish

We’ve got the power — Woman power that is! When you book us as your Glam Squad, we make sure to schedule enough stylists to ensure that yours, as well as your bridesmaids’/others in your party’s services are completed on time. Trust that things will be done quickly, correctly, and you’ll have an amazing look to last you all day!!

  Photo Credits:   Candi Leonard Photography  Charleston Society Hall  Models: Lauren Kesmodel

Photo Credits:

Candi Leonard Photography

Charleston Society Hall

Models: Lauren Kesmodel

We Provide Timelines

One of the other perks from booking Alter-Image for your Glam Squad is that we provide a timeline of services for you, so you are able to see who will be getting what services done at what time. Not only does this keep things organized for you and your stylists, but it also eliminates the issue of figuring out who should go first the day of! This will help things run more smoothly, and allow for more quality time between you and your bridal party.

  Photo Credits:   Candi Leonard Photography  Charleston Society Hall  Models: Lauren Kesmodel and Clay Reynolds

Photo Credits:

Candi Leonard Photography

Charleston Society Hall

Models: Lauren Kesmodel and Clay Reynolds

We Make Things Stress Free!

Lastly, hiring a Glam Squad helps to make things stress free!! The last thing that you want to worry about the day of your wedding day is whether or not you and your bridal party’s services will be completed in time, as well as having to make sure that everyone’s looks flow. By hiring a Glam Squad, you can lessen, if not eliminate, these issues and spend your time thinking about and doing what matters: enjoying yourself!!

Convinced that you need an All-Star team to prepare you for your big day? Be sure to contact us for more information, and if you are a 2019 bride keep in mind that you can still secure your dates for 2018 prices through November 30, 2018! After that date we will be having a slight price increase, so get this deal while you can. Until next time!

Weekend Recap!

The Dewberry.jpg

Wedding Week!

Well Hey There!, Our Week went amazing and we hope yours did as well. Check out what Fun Wedding Adventures we had this Week Through out the Town!

Trial Runs!

We started of Thursday Right! with 2 Wedding Trials for this Weeks Saturday and Sunday Wedding. Having a Photo of the image of Hair or Makeup that your wanting for your Wedding Day is crucial to a smooth running Wedding Timeline. The Ladies I met with this Week planned ahead to ensure the ultimate level of relaxation for the moments they have before her first look!

 How amazing is Meghan’s Hair and Her Hair Candy is the best. Your Hair deserves to shine as well right?  My Team and I had a great time at the Dewberry in Charleston, SC with her Bridal Party. Its always a great Wedding day when the Bride and Bridal party gets done On Time even better when we got them done early!

How amazing is Meghan’s Hair and Her Hair Candy is the best. Your Hair deserves to shine as well right?

My Team and I had a great time at the Dewberry in Charleston, SC with her Bridal Party. Its always a great Wedding day when the Bride and Bridal party gets done On Time even better when we got them done early!

Insta pic.jpg

Are you following our Instagram? AlterImageCharleston

We post tons on our Instagram of Client Set Ups Before and After’s and other fun stuff. Go and Follow us to see what we did today!

Today we woke up early for our Bride who had a 5:45am Hair and Makeup Start Time for her Wedding on a Cruise Boat! (Insert Heart Emojis) We got all of her Ladies Done right on Time to make it to boarding. We had so much fun during her Trial Run an I was in love with her adorable baby boy who is now my best friend lol.


We Wrapped the Day up with a Super Fun Session for a Boudoir Shoot at The MellBell Studio! Lindsey was not afraid of color she told me that she loves a good Smokey Eye. We did a Gold Glitter Smokey Eye with Lash Clusters and Textured and Teased Sultry Hair which is perfect for Boudoir.

 The focus for Lindsey’’s Makeup today was to make her gorgeous Blue Eyes pop and if I don't say so myself I think her eyes are totally Popping!

The focus for Lindsey’’s Makeup today was to make her gorgeous Blue Eyes pop and if I don't say so myself I think her eyes are totally Popping!


So excited to be waking up early in the a.m tomorrow to head up to Hilton Head for a gorgeous Wedding. Stay Tuned in to our Instagram Story to see some sneak peeks!

Wedding Highlights: Nicole & Nate

Welcome back!!

September is upon us, and with this new month we bring you some of the dreamiest wedding highlights from our bride Nicole and her husband Nate's wedding!!

Couple Details:

Nicole and Nate started dating after realizing that they both shared the same love for old school cars!! (How CUTE are those Beetles?!) The bride's dress was her grandmother's, and she had it altered to her liking.

Blog Highlight Image 2.jpg

We worked with this wonderful couple a couple of weeks ago and are super excited to share these photos with y'all. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, they're so sweet! Take a peek and tell us which photo is your favorite!!

Blog Highlight Image.jpg

Wedding Planner: Direct My Day Direct

Photographers: The Wedding Click

Venue: The Lake House at Bulow

Makeup: Alter-Image, Jasmine Jones

Hair: Alter-Image, Shelby Colclough

As you know we love Getting Ready Robes. Nicole got these adorable Robes for her Bridesmaids to wear while they got there Hair and makeup done to make sure that they can get dress without hitting their Hair out of place or accidently wiping off their Makeup when removing their shirts to get into their Dress. Also how fun is colorful Hair!! its so fun and looks so cute in photos did I mention her hair matches the Wedding colors!

Blog Highlight 5.jpg

The Dress! Nicole showed me pictures of her dress that was created from her Mother Old Wedding Gown. How amazing does the detail of the dress look! This Photo was taken in The Lake House at Bulow. This Venue is Located at Bulow County Park, the Lake House provides a perfect setting for quiet getaways, family vacations, wedding receptions, business meetings, family reunions, picnics, banquets, oyster roasts, and holiday parties. Our Team had the best Time working in this space. There was plenty of room for the ladies to get ready and the guys hung out on the upper side deck of the house and by the lake. This location is one of our favorite hidden Gem Wedding Venues in Charleston, SC

July Product Spotlight

It may be a gloomy day in Charleston, but we're still feeling the inspiration from this gem!! 


As much fun as it is to get super glam, it's also important to feel like YOU on your big day. After all, makeup is about enhancing your natural beauty! Well, whether you're more of a matte gal or you'd prefer to be a liiittle extra by adding a pop of shimmer, this palette does it all! Enter: The Tartelette in Bloom Palette.

The Tartelette In Bloom palette boasts twelve different neutral shades, varying in both matte and shimmer finishes, infused with Amazonian clay to prevent chalkiness. This palette is perfect for a natural, brightening look to help give you that special glow on your wedding day!

So, do you prefer a little shimmer, or would you rather go matte?


Get The Look!

After we went in with our Liquid Foundation and set with a powder. we used a vey soft and subtle blush on the high points of her cheek. With our Client having a fuller brow we used a Brow holding gel to shape the brow without adding in any extra product.

From the Palette above we used the colors Rebel and Trendsetter along with a Layer of our Famous natural looking lash Clusters.

For her Hair we went with a fun braided Half up Style. With the Dress detail in the Front pull the Hai back and off of her face shows of the detail better and shows of her unique ear rings.

Vendor Mention

The Flowers above in the Photo are all made out of paper. These Flowers were made by Charleston and Savannah South Carolina Wedding Planner Staci made them by hand. you can see more of her work down below. The Set Up of the Table Décor was Styled by her as well.

Huge Thank You goes out to Photographer Grace Paul Photography for our Product Spotlight Photo and to photographer Dear Elizabeth Photography for the Styling Images for our Vendor Mention

working with Blogger Lauren Taylor!

This gorgeous young lady contacted me to be her hair Stylist for her 4th Book Cover Shoot here in Charleston!! This is one of here Vlogs during her stay here. She stayed at the Charleston Harbor Resort which is one of my favorite Hotels in Mount Pleasant. To View more of her Videos or to check out her book go to

I call this vlog: living my best unicorn life! 🦄OH. EM. GEE. day one of my Charleston photoshoots are in full effect and man-oh-man I'm in awe! 🙌🏽 Today I'm sharing my favorite behind the scenes of my Charleston staycation along with my photo shoot.

Lauren is an amazing Influencer and a huge Blogger. She was written Books, started her own Magazine and works with a few well know Brands. I had such an amazing time while hanging our with her and her Team while shoot her Cover for her Newest Book in my Home tome Charleston, SC. Check out her YouTube Channel Above and sneak a peek of me and a Fellow makeup Artist working our magic as 4am in the Morning over at the Charleston harbor Resort and Marina over in patriots Point.

Lauren is a Model for the Brand Arie and was just featured on Jenna Kutcher’s Pod Cast “Goal Digger Podcast” A Forbes top rated business podcast. For her Hair Styling above we went with textured Curls on the first day and on the Second Day we did a mixer of beach and wavy curls for a more fun effortless look. Her Makeup was done by Stylist Addie J a licensed Skin professional and Makeup Artist in Charleston, SC. Lauren’s 4th Book can be expected to be seen in stores near you in 2019. Check out her Vlog above from her YouTube Channel and you can see us in the background!

Hair by Lead Stylist/Owner  Jasmine Jones

Makeup By Addie J Beauty

Long Wear Wedding Makeup!

Classic Southern Glow


Product Breakdown!

Skin Prep- Lancome Genifique

Foundation- Danessa Myricks #3

Brows- Viseart

Translucent Powder- Laura Mecier

Powder- Mac Skin Finish

Bronzer- Mac Refined Golden

Shadows- Benefit Hoola Bronzer- Mac Wedge- Mac Amber Lights

Lip-Mac Ruby Woo

Setting Spray- Ben Nye

Shoot Location

This Shoot was shot in the Historic Downtown area of Charleston, South Carolina. The Wedding Venue The Cedar Room was used for the inside shots. The Cedar Room at Mercantile and Mash, located in the celebrated Cigar Factory is an open and airy space, featuring historic wood columns, hardwood floors and original elements of the circa 1881 building. The cedar Room also has an adorable Bridal Suite On Location which we have worked in before!

The Team

The amazing Vendor Team that came together for this shoot Were Charleston Wedding Florist Lori from We are Petoloso. A Boutique Floral Design Company that Thrives on creativity. Planning for this shoot goes to Charleston Wedding planner Stacia Baskins that owns Paper Swallow Events. As for the Bright and Airy Wedding Images we got back came from Destination Wedding Photographer Tara Whittaker.

The Style

The Hair & Makeup Look that we did on our Model Lindsey O was a Classic Southern Bride with a hint of Sass! For her Foundation we used Traditional Makeup applied with a brush. We then sat her Makeup with a Press powder and added a little bit of warmth around her Hairline . We gave this Beauty a set of our Famous Lash Clusters and decided to go with a Classis Red Lip.

Since Lindsey’s has Blonde Hair we are able to see all of the Detail She has in her Trendy Pony. If your Hair is more on the Darker side you will see be able to see the detail they just wont pop as much. The Wedding Gown that she is wearing has a sweetheart neckline so this style was perfect to show off her dress.